This is a distillation of the example from Andrew.

1) Double asterisks in Text formulas get processed by the Markdown processor, thereby causing errors.

$\int_0^\infty a*b*c dx$ $\int_0^\infty a*b*c dx$

Workaround: put spaces around the offending pair of asterisks.

$\int_0^\infty a * b * c \ dx$ $\int_0^\infty a * b * c \ dx$

$a*b*c$ $a*b*c$

$a * b * c$ $a * b * c$

$a*b*c$ normal text $a*b*c$ $a*b*c$ normal text $a*b*c$

$a * b * c$ normal text $a * b * c$ $a * b * c$ normal text $a * b * c$

2) Double occurrences of underbars in Tex formulas may get picked up by the Markdown processor. E.g. in $a _b_ c$ the b gets italicized by Markdown. But not in $a_b_c$ -- Markdown does not act on underbars that are not surrounded by spaces.

$$ a_b_c $$ $$ a_b_c $$

$$ a_{b_c} $$ $$ a_{b_c} $$

$a_b_c$ $a_b_c$

$a_{b_c}$ $a_{b_c}$

$a _b_ c$ $a _b_ c$

Note that $a_b_c$ does not get processed by markdown. But this formula seems to have logical issues, and doesn't get shown as a double superscript by either MathJax or MathML. Is this even well-defined Tex? Simply disambiguating it as $a_{b_c}$ fixes it up for MathJax.

$5 ^ 7$


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