Chemical reaction networks

I created a page

by renaming the page `Experiments in chemical reaction networks' and fixing it up a bit. It's not very good yet, despite a promising start, because it mostly consists of summaries and excerpts of papers that use terminology not defined in this page.

For people interested in stochastic Petri nets (which are a completely equivalent formalism!) the main interesting new things are references to papers that

  1. Describe precisely which differential equations show up as rate equations of stochastic Petri nets (or chemical reaction networks),

  2. Discuss the question of when different stochastic Petri nets give the same rate equation, and

  3. Discuss the concept of `entropy' for solutions of the rate equation, and show that it always increases under certain conditions.

Number 3 is something I'd been wanting to do, but it turns out Katalin Hangos did it here:

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